4,000 PSI Honda Pro Scud 400 Petrol Pressure Washer


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4,000 PSI Honda Pro Scud 400 Petrol Pressure Washer
(Class A)

Genuine Honda GX engine with 4 year GX engine warranty.

Designed for pros who want a reliable, robust blaster for cleaning big plant or large areas. Fast, effective & mobile.

  • ‘Big Berty’ Bertolini slow speed triplex pump with 4 year warranty
  • Unique Scud gal frame & anti vib mounts, steel wheels with flat free tyres (13”)
  • FREE ASP (Aussie safety protection) kit
  • Detergent injection… faster cleaning
  • Gearbox drive … longer life
  • Easy fit 30m hose reel kit option

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